Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween Paper Crafting

Computer printing vintage image*Find your image, size and print it out on card stock paper~
Vintage art image for crafting projectCut out your image & then glue stick to a backing of card stock or scrapbook paper
Vintage image for paper craftingAfter previous steps are done: (cut out and glued together) punch a hole in the top for attaching ribbon or string later~
Vintage Image with hole punched inPlace glue where you want your glitter and then shake glitter on it and over a piece of paper tap off excess~ *(Martha Stewart Glitters)
Vintage image with Martha Stewart GlittersYou can vary what parts you want to glitter or glitter the whole image, let dry & then lace in the ribbon or string~
Vintage Image with Martha Stewart Glitters completedNow your ready to hang on your child's bedroom door or where ever you would like to have a little Halloween decor~

With a sprinkle of glitter and magic~Hope you enjoyed this easy to do tutorial. You can even have the kids join in and do this depending on their age & from experience what kid doesn't love shaking out glitter~ Thanks for visiting today and let me know what crafty goodness you are creating. I would love to know~
*Free copyright images can be found in a lot of places I have a few on my side bar you can visit~ & quite a few more listed under resources on my art blog.


  1. Thanks for sharing with us at A Crafty Soiree! I love how special these look with the addition of glitter, so pretty. Please join us next time too!

  2. What a great Halloween paper craft. It looks like a quick and easy craft that I would try. Thanks.


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