Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween Candy Bag Tutorial Steps 1& 2

You can make your own pattern out of pattern paper, tissue paper, tracing paper or if you are like me and don't have any I used the "thrifty method" of using newspaper.

Go to the list for needed pattern cuts and measurements*
Top, Sides and below them bottom - You can make this any size as long as you add for seam allowances.

( 1 yard fabric needed, thread and grosgrain ribbon 7/8 ")

Here are my measurements for the larger bag:

1. For handles 2 pieces of fabric cut 4" wide x 25" long
2. For front and back of bag 2 pieces of fabric 12" wide x 14" long
3. For sides 2 pieces of fabric 6" wide x 11" long
4. For bottom of bag 2 pieces fabric 14" wide x 6" long

Make sure you allow the same amount of fabric for your seam allowances~ So if you use 5/8" add that to all your measurements.

With 1yard of fabric you will have left over material. I used mine for making bean bags. I will post an easy tutorial for that later. If you do the smaller bag you would have enough fabric left over for a Halloween pillow.

Step #1. Cut the fabrics listed above adding your seam allowances. Then press your seams over 5/8" or slightly more as long as you use the same measurement for folds on all fabric.

#Step 2. Next you will be sewing all your finish seams prior to assembly of the bag. Your finish seams to fold over, iron in place and sew are: The tops of the bag both pieces front and back and the top of both the sides of the bag.

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