Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Inspired by Polymore Clay


Well hello. I happened to be looking for ideas for Sammie since she wanted me to buy her some poly-more clay. Now what to create was the question & it lead me doing a search...First this is what I came across~I had to share this Bio of an Etsy artist. It is very interesting to watch. I know my tea party & French loving friends will love to see what she creates and sells. Well after you view this you might want to try a hand at working some poly-more clay & if you have kids the second video is a tutorial for a Hello Kitty~
For more inspiration or to buy someones creative goodies just click the link under the picture for Jamie's shop or this link will take you to one of many Etsy polymore- jewelery artists~ You can do a search and view more on their site. Pretty sweet, right?

Well off to finish up all those daily mom jobs that have to be done before I can play~ Until next time have a great day. What have you been making or wanting to start making these days? Fall is a great time to bring out the clay along with inspiration~
PS.My daughter Jen has me making a new project for her and I promise to share soon so don't forget to drop back by~

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