Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halloween / Autumn Link Up

Halloween WitchHi everyone, I decided to make a Halloween / Autumn Link up with crafty ideas. I would love you to post your creativity here for everyone to see!!

I posted a tutorial on my other blog on how to create a journal page. If you haven't made or created one you might like to see it. But since I am going to create more Autumn and Halloween Crafts I thought we could do a link up of crafty posts, tutorials, decorating and just plain Halloween & Autumn inspiration!

So I hope you fly in on the winds of Autumn and share your crafty goodness!!
I can't wait to see what crafty delights everyone is creating this Autumn. I have left it open for quite some time so you can come back at your convenience and link up your posts!


  1. Hi Theresa ,
    I like this idea and I love your witch. I really love the story like pieces you have been creating lately :)
    Happy Fall

  2. Thanks for reminding me about your wonderful fall linkup :)


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