Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fabulous Links for "Beginnner Sewers" & up

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I did a little research for some helpful sites for beginner sewers and up. These links are worth looking at, the resources are different at the sites (some have video tutorials, some classes, some free patterns, instructions and more). I hope you find something that will help you get started! It is worth learning to sew. It can be relaxing, fun and rewarding when you put in a little effort~

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I hope this little post helps get you started on the path to some creative sewing~
All my best~ Until next visit.

Simplicity Creative Group

Hip Sewing Sites for the Hip Seamster This link will take you to an article with descriptions of the sites and links to help you on your sewing journey!
Lots of great links here, be sure to scroll all the way down; from links, forums to videos click here

Pattern and their knowledge base

E How

Sewing Video Tutorials by topic


  1. Thanks Sweetie:) I will check all these out!! I am looking forward to learning.

  2. Wonderful.! Fun post..and it will be nice to check out all these links..yay!! and congrats on your anniversay!


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