Thursday, June 2, 2011

Top Crafty Things To Try This Summer

Who doesn't want to try new crafty things? If you don't, move on over and let the crafty ladies be first in line! All you crafty ladies put a ring on this list! Each link goes to a tutorial .*some not needed you'll be directed to image.
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Listen, it's time to take a look and see the results!

1. diy cake plate

2. create homemade stamps 

3. make a pin wheel

4. picture frame photo display, no tutorial necessary see image below

5. make a journal cover

Now some eye candy of those crafty items!

Source: None via Theresa on Pinterest

Now this is only the beginning of my top crafty things to do this summer tutorial round-up! So be sure and drop in for some more crafty inspiration!! Have a crafty tutorial you want to share? Email me & lets get it on the list  MsartistTheresaHuse (at) g (mail) dot (com)

What is the top crafty thing you want to try this summer?


  1. super!! I started a 'craft team' come join up

  2. Nice list post! I love the pictures. I'm not as crafty as I used to be, but you might inspire me to get crafty this summer.

  3. Thanks Pat and Linda, Glad you enjoyed the post! Have a wonderful weekend, Theresa


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