Sunday, March 20, 2011

Knitting Love

Hello friends,

Here Megan makes knitting look easy with this tutorial.

It is images like this that make me want to knit.
I would wear fingerless gloves even when I paint, but I would have to dedicate them to that as they would get paint on them.

Source: via  Pinterest

I love sweaters like this!  That come just a bit over your hands~ 

Source: via  Pinterest

I can't wait to find a local yarn shop! I love these yummy colors~

Now what size needles to start with?

Just one more site that might help with learning how to knit. Knitpicks has video tutorials and lots of other information. I am sure I will be finding more great sites and promise to share!
 Do you think you will ever give knitting a try? If you know how- How long did it take you to learn?

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