Friday, July 16, 2010

Collage Made Easy

Sorry about the glare~
I wanted to share a simple way to create a wonderful collage very easily. My 8yr old could cut out these images and create collages too~ You can purchase digital collage elements at Paper Whimsy just like this or they have printed paper ones you can purchase too. The advantage to digital is you can print as you need. (The Pre Printed you can not copy via terms of agreement.) They have a wonderful selection of collage choices. They are an angel company so you can use them in your artwork *read their terms. I actually wasn't going to frame this collage. When I made it its size was slightly larger than 5x7 and parts of the collage were cut out by the frame. But I left it in the frame to give you an idea of what you can do. When I make another if I am going to frame it I will mark out the size first and cut the background then build the collage. Things you need * ruler for measuring size. Scrapbook papers, glue stick, scissors, brayer/roller, your printed digital images, satin flowers or embellishments and a frame if you like. Now I hope you are inspired to try making a collage for yourself or as a gift~
Do you like to collage? Do you know of any other places to get good collage materials or images? What have you been crafting lately? Do tell I would love to hear~
I have a list of sites where you can get free images on my other blog. Just look at the top of the blog it is listed on pages as free image links.

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