Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Cleaning and Organizing

I was surfing around looking for ideas for organization and spring cleaning. My house is in need of a good spring cleaning! I came across some simple DIY's and spring inspiration my house could use. 

This idea is actually so simple. I don't know why I have never done this. I love pretty papers and here is an easy way to display them as they are just by decoupaging them onto canvas. Then just paint the sides of the canvas. Thanks Better Homes and Gardens! The link is under their image. PS visit their site for some other great tips! Tips for conquering clutter and organizing closets..... Who couldn't use a little help in that department? Now on to the inspiration.........


Now speaking of simple projects and sprucing up how about covering your outlet covers look at this bit of inspiration
Easy Peasy! 
Source: on Pinterest

Now I don't know about you but I could use a little inspiration for a tidier desk! I wouldn't mind a lap top either.
Desk Heaven!

Source: via  on Pinterest

I am so inspired by this pantry. This is going on my honey do list!

Source:  on pinterest

Now for all you crafty types this is organization that I would love to have how about you?

Wrapping paper and ribbon organization

Source: on Pinterest

Thank Better Homes and Gardens for all the spring organization inspiration! That's a wrap for today!
I hope to have some more goodness and a recipe for you next week.  
Have you started to spring clean? What is your most feared spring cleaning project?


  1. Hi Theresa,

    Yes, I have been doing cleaning too ,
    Made a start with my wardrobe and then got out in the garden and did some much needing work there. Feels so good and after a shower I am ready for bed as it tires one out.
    Good luck with your spring cleaning.


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  3. Hi Theresa, I definitely have too much stuff at home and need to do a spring clean. I love your inspiration, especially the pantry! The DIY decoupage canvases are such a lovely idea to jazz up the wall. Good luck with your Spring Cleaning! Wini xo

  4. Good luck with your spring cleaning!
    Carolyn you are way ahead of me.
    Wini, I can relate to too much stuff. My kiddos room is off the charts & time to pass on some toys and such.
    Happy week ahead to you both. Theresa

  5. Oh yes, I started cleaning! Today it´s stormy and cold here in germany - I spent the last weeks by cleaning and I cleared out a lot - and today was the perfect day to complete the outclearing... :))
    The last weeks I put my clutter in *nine* moving boxes - ready for the flea market.

    And: That pantry WILL go on my *honey do list* It´s perfect!!!

    Good luck and lovely greetings from germany


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