Monday, August 16, 2010

Tea Cup Tuesday & Giveaway & My favorite Coffee Shop

Flying Goat Coffee
image by niallkennedy

images by laughingsquid / scott beale

Hello friends and all Tea cup Tuesday blog hoppers. I wanted to share with you one of my favorite coffee shops in Santa Rosa and Healdsburg area. It is the Flying Goat. I love the atmosphere and of course the products. Their lovely lattes handcrafted with designs, chai teas and teas. Their pastry case is quite yummy too~ As you read my post I will be on the road to my daughters to help her out with my little granddaughter Audrey, then to visit my daughter Jenni and take Sammie on some last minute summer fun and back to school shopping~You know I will be starting my day with something brewed or steeped from my favorite shop.

image by leila-anne

If you were here I would love to have you join us for coffee or tea, but since you can't be I would like to give you the opportunity to enter my CSN giveaway for a $40.00 gift certificate it is the last week and the odds are looking very good!!! You don't have to be a follower but if you choose to become a new follower make sure you enter a comment twice for the extra credit to the drawing! Oh and you may like my previous post about creating Teacup and other displays with dome bell jars.Click here to get to giveaway!! All you have to do is comment and be a USA or Canadian, sorry other global friends~ Good luck friends. I promise to visit you when I get back~
Flying Goat Coffee
images by laughingsquid/ scott beale
I just might have to grab one to go too! Doesn't this look deli sh! Ps. I lot of times I will sign my blog name when visiting as I write two blogs, this one and my art one. I want you to know where I share my Tuesday Tea posts~


  1. That sure looks yummy! I love tea rooms and coffee shops! Thanks for sharing and please stop by for tea, won't you? Wishing you a lovely week.


  2. Your tea cup is a good generous size, always good when drinking something delicious! Sometimes I love a plain white cup too.
    Thank you so much for sharing in Tea Cup Tuesday.

  3. Love the name of the coffee shop!!!!!! Tea and coffee shops are great!

  4. I left you a nice long comment but blogger ate it :( love the girl photo . might have to sketch that. off to make me some tea its after midnight here so no coffee for me.

  5. Hi :) Wishing you a Happy Tea Tuesday :)

    Warmest, Brenda

  6. That looks like a great coffee shop. I like the photos too. Have a great time with your granddaughters and daughter.

  7. That looks a great coffee shop to visit. Is it in Ann Arbor? We go to Ann Arbor to watch football once a year. Hubby graduated from U of M....Christine

  8. Theresa..lovely post and pictures.. yaya! and wow..another super generous giveaway! you are a shining star!
    hugs kiki~

  9. Meeting you is always a pleasure

  10. Happy Tea Cup Tuesday! Love your coffee shop..we have a quaint little eating place called "The Fainting Goat" such cute names! Take care..

  11. The name of the coffee shop alone would bring me in~too bad it is so far away. The design in the coffee looks like art, art that doesn't last long because it is too delicious to leave in the cup!

  12. Hi: Happy Tea Cup Tuesday. I am a little late this week. Love the name of the shoppe. It looks like your cup is big enough to get you fill. Blessings, Martha


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