Friday, August 13, 2010

DIY Glass Domes

I came across this You Tube Video tutorial about creating with glass domes. I was very inspired and it makes me want to create at least one if not more. Here are two sites that sell them. and (These aren't the home pages but pages relevant to purchasing of glass domes.) Be careful some sites sell the base and dome top separate. You can Google search which comes up with tons of sites and wholesale suppliers too~ Last year I posted a Halloween tutorial where they used glass domes and created displays. You can really get creative for decorating for seasonal holidays, displaying found objects, special dolls, teacups and various other things~ So I hope you get creative and are inspired to create your own glass dome display. Have you ever created crafts with glass domes? Do you display anything you value with glass domes? Do tell~

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  1. Hello, Theresa,
    I have always admired those glass domes but did not know where to find them. Thank you for the info and interesting video. Loved the butterflies under the domes. Enjoy your week, dear friend~love and hugs~Vicki


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