Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine Ornaments How To

Paint your hearts and only when completely dry glue on image~
Paint glue on only where you want the glitter!
Wait until glitter is completely dry to dust off with a dry paint brush~
When dry hot glue ribbon and buttons and its ready to hang~

Supplies needed:

2" wood hearts (can be purchased at Michaels) Or any size you wish to use
acrylic paint- (folk art or other)
paintbrushes (2) 1 for painting 1 for spreading glue- this can be cheap!
ephemera images (can be purchased or see bottom of blog for free image links)
buttons ( collect or buy)
ribbon (Michaels, Walmart or Joann's)
glue stick or adhesive (for gluing down image)
diamond glaze adhesive, matte medium or any glue that dries clear (for covering where you want the glitter to stick)
glue gun (adhering the ribbon and button)
glitter (Martha Stewart's are the finest but any will do)
tweezers-(for holding the ribbon in place so you don't burn your fingers while it dries)

Step by step~
You take some simple 2" wood hearts and paint them with red, pink gold. I choose red. Cut out your images. Glue them onto the dried painted wood. Spread glue around the area you want to have your glitter. When completely dry you can dust off extra by using a dry paintbrush.
Cut ribbon to length you wish and attach with hot glue gun. Add a button to embellish.
Simple as that you have a pretty little Valentine Heart to hang or give a loved one~

Feel free to use but link credit back to me! Thank you and have fun! Incorporate your own swag and loveliness to make yours unique! Don't forget to link your finished hearts to share what you have created!

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