Thursday, February 4, 2010

Color Inspiration




The color for 201o is turquoise and Pantone has a press release article about it~
I have to say it has always been one of my favorite colors in its many variations. As a child I had painted my room turquoise, yes I did and how lovely of my mother to let me do it. It was bold it was beatiful and invigerating. Today in my living room there is a architechural jet of a triangle. What to do with it? That was easy for me I had already painted my living room currant red on three walls and a soft off white on the other and ceiling and of course I choose turquoise for the trianglular shape. Who knew I was ahead of my time. Or was I? I did a little looking around and found it was quite popular even before when I loved it as a child. I love it just as much now!!
What is your favorite turquiose color combination? Well right now I know is mine currant red and turquoise. Do let me know what you are loving about 2010's color of the year!! I would love to know your thoughts!! Have you used it in your fashion choices? Decor? Or even in your crafty pieces of artwork?

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