Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween Candy Bag Tutorial Step 6 ( bag handles)

Step 6
Bag Handles~

#1 To make the bag handles take your cut fabric and finish the ends by folding over the
seams ,ironing them and sewing them over 5/8" do this on both sides and on both the pieces of fabric.
( a total of 4 finished edges for the handles )

Then with right sides together fold over and sew a long tube.

When done cut the threads and turn inside out~

When completely turned inside out take your two tubes to the iron. Fold them in half having the seam centered on the bottom and press them flat. Here is how it should look.

You will attach the handles about 2" from the sides of the bag on the front of the bag. ( have the seam face the inside of the bag )
Then you also attach the handles 2" from the sides on the back of the bag.
Sew handles on across two times for added strength! You can do this on the machine~

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