Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sew I Love Notions

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Vintage 1955
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Today I had to share my love of vintage notions. Where did I get this love you ask~ I believe it was from my grandma letting me sort through all her spools of thread looking for the right color to match the fabric or was it when she had me sorting through her buttons searching for the perfect one. What I didn't know is that it was probably a ploy to keep me busy as a child while she finished her sewing~ But regardless she instilled a heart's desire for all things notions~
Now to store it all I will have to do a separate post on that~ But I was swooning over this cream suitcase with the lavender silk inside. Do you love notions? Vintage or new? What about retro suitcases and trunks? Do you sew or do some other needle craft? Please do let me know~


  1. Such a gorgeous post..I love it..beautiful series! So sweet about your childhood memory! I too loove vintage. I live in an old house....old glass doorknobs and all.dark wood I am a vintage kindred! I have a few old cases ..yes trunks too..and an old sewing machine.. lots of antiques..yes i love the charm of the past! Beautiful post!
    PS: I have been enjoying my new art is wonderful sitting in the sunshine creating away! Thankyou for this special gift!

  2. I enjoyed this wonderful post ~ love old sewing things. I often remember the days making dolls clothes when staying with my Grandmother, on holiday.
    What a lot of lovely photos you have shown.

    Have a happy weekend

  3. I just found your blog and then I noticed you were a Tea Cup participant. Although I am not, I really love Martha's blog.

    I love all things vintage, and I'm even starting to like mid-century modern, although it's taken me awhile since I grew up with similar pieces.

    I feature a blog a day and I would love to have my readers and followers experience your blog. It's quite unique and much different from mine. So tomorrow (June 4) will be your day.

  4. found you thru Elizabeth's blog Altered Book Lover...lovely vintage notions! I too learned to sew from my grandmothers. and still have some of their notions. can't wait for ideas for storage!

  5. Beautiful images! I love vintage anything. I have to say I never thought of collecting vintage notions. I love to sew. Maybe now I'll be inspired to look for these in antique shops.

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  7. Very nice post! You showed us some very nice things.
    Just as much addicted as you are to all of this!
    Have a nice day.
    PS My previous post had typing errors so I removed it.

  8. What a great suitcase! I love the lavender inside and it looks like it is in such great shape. I love vintage needlework. I bead and embroider when my hands aren't too sore, and I also crochet at times. All of these things I was taught by my grandmothers and aunts and I hope to pass on. There's something about hand embroidery that I cannot pass up. Great blog.

  9. Oh my gosh, love your photos AND your goodies. Thanks for finding me!


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